Do you have a showroom?    

While we don't have a showroom, we do offer our always growing rental collection on our website shown in our online Rental Collection inventory and you can also view our Gallery to see our unique pieces in action.  

PLEASE NOTE:  We are not available for general inquiries and/or appointments on the weekends as we are tending to our current events.  We will do our best to address all inquiries when we resume business office hours  (with the exception of holidays). 

What type of events do you do? 
We rent furniture for all sorts of fun indoor events such as galas, weddings, private parties, corporate parties and the list goes on and on (there's always a reason to celebrate!).  Yes...we even do outdoor wedding lounge seating for non-smoking areas and offer gorgeous outdoor furniture designed just for this!  All renters must be 18 years or older.   We do not rent out to public festivals/events.   Please note we do not deliver to residential private households.

Do you have a minimum?
Yes, we have a $300 minimum** for each booking plus any delivery/removal fee.  The minimum for lounge only orders is $600** for each booking.  We do not rent by the hour. Our pricing structure is the same whether our clients choose our rentals for a 1 hour event or a 6 hour event.  The rental fee is for the duration of the event only on the event date.     **Minimum base rental fee is subject to an additional delivery/removal fee.  HST is extra.

Do you deliver and pick up the furniture?
Absolutely we do!  As part of our services, we offer white glove delivery service to your venue in Windsor and remove at the end of the night!  A delivery/removal fee may apply in local areas and will apply for areas outside of Windsor and./or any additional trips required.  Our delivery area consists of Windsor and surrounding areas only.  We do not deliver to all venues in Windsor-Essex and wineries are only accepted on a case by case basis and may or may not be accommodated.   The venue location must be specified at time of booking.  Any changes to the venue may result in termination of the contract.  We do not deliver to the USA.

Typically rentals are for one evening only, but arrangements can be made if a multi-day use is needed as an added daily fee percentage will apply.  Rentals are delivered only on the day of the event only, and exact predicted timing of arrival cannot be guaranteed.  If renter requests delivery prior to the event date, an additional 25% fee per day will apply if day-early delivery is possible.

If two locations are requested, an additional fee will apply if the request can be accommodated.  (Example: furniture items required for a photoshoot, then transported to the venue hall afterwards).  Multiple location requests must be noted at time of booking.  Accommodating this request is on a case-by-case basis and cannot be promised.

Can we hire you direct or through our Decorator? 
We make this super easy! You can do either!  We communicate with your decorator to help pull it all together anyway, so it’s up to you if you want to go with them or direct with us.  **Your decorator must be specified at the time of booking as we work with our carefully selected preferred decorators only!  We do not work with all decorators.  Please note our policy which gives us the right to refuse bookings with any decorators who currently rent event furniture, or those who are not already on our preferred vendors list.   We also have the right to cancel and/or refuse bookings where other rental furniture is present.

Do the customers have To bring their own accent pillows for the lounge?
Nope - not at all...unless they want to.  We have an extensive collection of accent pillows to choose from.  Chances are, we have the colour(s) needed!   Our accent pillows are complimentary with every lounge.   If customization/logos and/or monogram designs are required for the event, we offer customized accent keepsake pillows as an option (additional fee for this service).

Who designs the lounge? Do the customers have to figure this out?
We do everything!  We get all the input from you and we design some options for you to choose from.   Unless there’s something you already know you want, we will come up with some lounge designs for you to choose from.  We present our customers with 3D concept sketches drawn exactly to scale for the room it will be placed in so they will know what fits in the area given.  It is up to the customer to make sure the furniture fits in the designated lounge area with no other unplanned obstacles.  Unused furniture is non-refundable.

 Do we have to get a lounge/bars or can we just get head table items?You can do both or either!  You can choose to dress up your head table with our gorgeous throne seating collection and/or with our head tables and/or add a cool lounge area for everyone to hang out all night.  There are so many options!  Please keep in mind there is a minimum fee on all rentals.  Contact us if you need help knowing what to pair together to make it perfect!  Make it count  - you deserve it!

How soon do we have to book?
Well, we don't want to put pressure on you as we want you to feel comfortable when making your choices, but we do recommend the sooner the better.  Last minute bookings MIGHT be possible if we're able to accommodate.   Bookings are secured only with a deposit.  Items will not be held or set aside without a deposit.  Look at it this way - we're probably one of the easiest decisions you'll have to make throughout your entire event planning process!  Please be sure you want to book Modish.  In the event of cancellation by the client, Modish Lounge Rentals will retain the non-refundable deposit, and all other payments made  towards the rentals as per our rental agreement supplied to the client at the time of booking.  

What happens if there are damages?
Well…we don’t like to bring this up, but I suppose we should.  Good news is most everything we have is specially designed to withstand most normal messes.   With that being said, we do present our customers with a rental agreement with each booking which does address damages and other incidentals such as rips/tears, permanent stains, misuse etc.  Since 2009, we’ve been major-damage free….knock on wood...or perhaps we should say knock on leather (but it just doesn't sound quite the same).  None of our rental items are to be used in smoking areas of any sort.  This is considered misuse by our rental policy and cannot be permitted.

Are your throne pieces regular seat height to eat at a dining table?
Yes!  Quite a few of our throne pieces feature unique tall backs which could make the furniture pieces appear low to the ground.  Rest assured, all of our throne seating is at regular dining seat height to accommodate a normal height dining table. 

When is payment due?
We require a deposit to officially secure your booking, but the final payment is due no later than 2 weeks prior to your event.  We accept cheque, cash, E-transfers and most major credit cards (+3% fee) for your convenience.  Payment day of the event is not permitted. Failure to pay the final balance as due on the invoice will result in forfeiture of the booking as per the rental agreement, and our products and services will be forfeited/ please make sure to square everything up with us by the due date shown on the invoice.  We will contact you to make sure we're on track and if we do not get a response with payment prior to the event date, the booking will be consider forfeited.