About Us



We're Jeff and Sheri from Modish!  We created Modish in 2009 with one simple goal.  We wanted to introduce lounge & throne seating in hopes to create some fun and amazing events....and we feel it has!  We've been incredibly proud to be a part of so many events, and we're excited to be a part of your next big milestone!  

We like to encourage people to 'celebrate Modishly!'


Get excited!

Don't let the name fool you....we're not just lounge!  We offer gorgeous exclusive throne seating, bars, bar furniture, and so much more!

Know what you want? Great!  If not, then let us help you design an awesome lounge! We're happy to provide free-no obligation suggestions to help get the creative spark going!

The days of lounging at the dinner table are over!

Have a seat with us!


serving you!

We're proud to cater to the Windsor-Essex region for weddings, galas, corporate functions and plain ol' just wanna-party needs.

Whether it's under the stars, or under a roof, we help make each event one to remember.  We deliver, set up and remove!

Need more info? Visit our FAQ page, or contact us directly!

We'd love to hear from you!